We think strategically, act decisively and always keep your best interests in mind.

Our sensible approach is borne of our years of experience guiding people through changes in their family life.  We recognize that every family is as different as the circumstances of each matter — and so we personalize our approach on every file. With our extensive legal expertise and practical experience we will partner with you to minimize the stress and work toward a desirable outcome for your legal matter.

Family Law

We handle all issues related to family law for both married and common-law relationships, ranging from simple divorce, legal separation, custody and parenting issues, securing financial support and enforcement of support provisions, division or equalization of family property, to all types of domestic contracts including cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.

Family law is complicated; and, before making important decisions, you should understand both your legal rights as well as your obligations. Our resolution-oriented approach is designed to help you optimize the outcome but minimize the stress – through settlement negotiation, mediation and/or mediation/arbitration; or, if necessary, court proceedings with experienced litigators.

Child Protection

When concerns are raised about an individual or family’s ability to care for a child(ren), an authorized agency may take steps to investigate. If a child(ren) is determined to be in need of protection, a provincially-based children’s aid society may insist on their involvement, including commencement of a protection application to the Court, or in more extreme situations, the child(ren) may be removed from parental care. This very unique area of law is referred to as child protection

We offer experienced legal representation to parent(s), grandparents, and other third-party caregivers who have encountered child protection authorities. Our lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected and you have the information you need to navigate the child protection process.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

We can assist with settling the legal transfer of an estate upon death, including Probate, or design a Will and Powers of Attorney in accordance with applicable law, to ensure your final instructions are adhered to and your family’s future is protected. 

Our practical approach seeks to minimize your stress, maximize your legacy, and deliver peace of mind.